Choosing the Perfect Sofa: Which Type is Right for You?

Choosing the Perfect Sofa: Which Type is Right for You?

Do you know the best types of sofa that are available on the market? There are the most varied models and each one of them has a certain characteristic that may or may not be favorable for your needs and with that in mind, we decided to show here in this article their variations and how these sofas can decorate your environment.

Thus, in the following texts, we will present the most diverse types of sofa, such as the 3-seater, the modular, sofa bed, retractable, corner, chesterfield and many more options, always seeking to mention their characteristics, with which environments they match and for which users they are most recommended.

So if you are looking to buy a new model for your home, be sure to check out our tips in this article to learn about all types of sofa and how to match your environment!





What are the most popular types of sofa

In the following texts, we list the main types of sofa that can be found in furniture stores, as well as their characteristics and how to combine your sofa in a given environment. Read more to stay on top of our tips.

3 seater sofa
The 3-seater sofa is highly recommended for those who have little space in the living room and are looking to implement a single piece of furniture in their decor that offers comfort to their family. Read more about this type of sofa below.

Features of the 3 seater sofa
The 3-seater sofa is usually 2.00 to 2.30 meters wide and offers good use for families of up to 3 people. The model can still feature a reclining backrest and even a retractable bottom, so as to ensure more comfort and versatility for those who use it.

Which environments match the 3 seater sofa
As it is a wider and self-sufficient type of sofa, without the need to add other armchairs to add even more furniture to your decor, you can place the sofa in rooms that are not very spacious and take advantage of using the sofa to watch TV with greater comfort and convenience. Choose furniture with more neutral colors to match any type of decor.

Sofá modular


 The modular sofa looks more like puffs that can be assembled in different layouts according to the taste of the residents. Learn more about its characteristics and how to combine it with your environment by reading the texts below.

Modular sofa features
This type of sofa is made up of backrests and seats, usually in a square shape, which can be joined together to form a large sofa in your living room. By having a varied assembly style, this type of sofa offers greater versatility and can be constantly moved according to need or taste.

Which environments match the modular sofa
The modular sofa is ideal for those looking to implement a cozy piece of furniture in a more modern and sophisticated environment. You can try placing a modular sofa in light colors to create a contrast in your living room and make the place more elegant and comfortable.


Investing in multifunctional furniture is ideal for those looking to assemble a versatile and compact space, especially in apartments, where there is not much space available. Read more about the uses of the sofa bed in the texts below.

sofa bed features
The sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture that, when opened, turns into a bed, but when closed, it looks like a regular sofa. It can contain mechanisms that allow automatic opening or even require a simple push to change its structure, and usually offer great versatility to be furnished even in guest rooms. A cool tip is to choose to take measurements before buying the sofa so that the open piece of furniture does not affect the movement of people in the environment or take up a lot of space.

Which environments match the sofa bed
The sofa bed can be used in places that require visits or even environments with less space so that you can count on the practicality of a multifunctional piece of furniture, since during the day you can use it as a sofa and when you go to sleep , having a bed without much effort or even the resources to buy two different pieces of furniture.

Retractable sofa
The retractable sofa combines comfort with practicality, often more advantageous for environments with little space. Learn more below about its qualities.

Features of retractable sofa
The retractable sofa has a mechanism that makes it possible to tilt its backrest even more and its upholstery can also be moved away to provide more space for the user, and can even be transformed into a bed, which offers even more comfort. The main advantage of purchasing such a model is that it is more versatile and the seat can also be closed, freeing up space for people to circulate.

Which environments match the retractable sofa?
The retractable sofa can be installed in any environment you want to make more comfortable and cozy, since this type of sofa allows users to lie down to watch TV or read a book. It can even be combined with other furniture such as tables and shelves to add even more value to your decor.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of these models for your living room, be sure to check out the best retractable sofas!

Corner sofa or Sectional


A type of sofa that allows you to accommodate a larger number of people, the corner sofa is an excellent idea if you are looking to make the most of the space available in your living room. Read on to know about all its advantages:

corner sofa features
The corner sofa, also known as the L sofa, has a structure that seeks to connect the space between two walls of the environment. It can be custom-made to be installed with maximum use, or even be purchased according to the footage available in your living room.

Which environments match the corner sofa
The corner sofa is an ideal type of sofa for those who live in larger homes, who have a more extensive environment in their living room and usually accommodate a larger number of people at home. It can still be used in less spacious environments, such as kitchenettes and apartments, if you are looking to offer your home a sofa with greater extension.


Chesterfield sofa
The chesterfield sofa, like most furniture, is super versatile and can be installed in your home if you are looking to offer your environment a more classic and retro decoration. Read on to know about its features.

chesterfield sofa features
This type of sofa was created in the 19th century, in England, and its structure is formed by the unmistakable pattern, the tuft, which forms certain squares along its backrest with the fastening of buttons. The most used fabric for lining this type of sofa is leather, but in stores we can still find models in velvet, jacquard and even suede.

Which environments match the chesterfield sofa
You can implement this type of sofa in any environment, from rooms with more classic and rustic decorations, even in the middle of an environment with modern furniture. Betting on sofas with neutral and light colors can be a great tip to help combine with other utensils.
armless sofa
Buying an armless sofa can be a great option for anyone looking to have versatile furniture in their living room that doesn't take up so much space. See more about its qualities and decorating tips.

Armless sofa features
This type of sofa is very similar to the previous models, but its main difference is the absence of a backrest, so that its sides are free to fit more easily into a less spacious living room. You can still combine the decor by implementing a table to work on the sofa as well.

Which environments match the armless sofa
The environments that match this sofa are quite versatile, you can install a sofa without an armrest in a living room with less space, or even implement with an extra sofa an environment that already has certain places to sit, as an extra decoration.
Retro sofa
The retro sofa is also a great tip for anyone looking to implement a more rustic and classic piece of furniture in their living room. Find out by reading below about its characteristics and how to match your environment by installing one of this type of sofa.

Retro sofa features
The retro sofa, in general, is not very different from other sofa models, but its main feature is the stick feet, which give the furniture a more rustic and tall appearance. Its finish can also refer to an older design, with the upholstery made in button or tufted fabric, which are very reminiscent of the Chesterfield style.

Which environments match the retro sofa
If you have antique objects or more classic items that are part of your living room decor, investing in a retro sofa can be a great idea, because this type of sofa refers to a classic design with a touch of modernity to its upholstery. , so that it offers balance and a great combination for your environment, making it more cozy and elegant for your visits.

Use the Darosi's tips and find out which is the best type of sofa for your home and good shop!

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